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Family Pets push Action

I just love dogs. I do. I love the pitter patter of their feet as they move through my house, their cold noses as they nudge me for a pat,
their tails eagerly wagging as I grab a leash, and when they
enthusiastically greet me when I walk through the door. They have 
enriched my life and made me slow down and appreciate the simple
joy of what is sitting right in front of me.
In almost three decades of owning German Shepherds I have fallen in
love with the working breeds and their keen abilities. In pursuing all
things German Shepherd, I have crossed paths with law enforcement agencies and their working K9 Officers.  
Over the years I became aware that many agencies wanted to add K9 Officers but were unable to do so because of budgetary constraints.  Our mission is to place K9 Officers (as many as we possibly can!) with law enforcement agencies in need of assistance. 
The stories I have heard of the K9 Officers' feats in the field are incredible, practically superhuman:
    •    de-arming suspects, thereby keeping the officer and                                         suspect unharmed
    •    preventing a fleeing bank robber from reaching and entering a                       middle school
    •    locating narcotics and firearms in the most unlikely locations 
    •    recovering the young and the elderly who cannot be located
    •    searching a building more efficiently than their two-legged partners
It is my personal mission to place more K9 Officers in communities. What these dogs can accomplish in a single day of service pushes me to overcome the budgetary constraints of law enforcement agencies and schools that prevent them from obtaining K9 Officers. 
We strive to make our schools, playgrounds, fairs, festivals, homes, business - our entire communities - safe, allowing everyone to live freely and peacefully. 
Our communities will always be in a state of improvement, from education to arts to infrastructure, but the foundation of a healthy, vibrant society is for its citizens to be safe.   
I think we must ask the questions, “what kind of community do we want to live in?” And “what can we do about it?”